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The ability to catch potential problems before they can shut down operations is a major benefit which cannot be ignored. A good thermographic inspection program can pay back very quickly. Even finding one problem item can save thousands of dollars in production costs.  On average, for every $1 spent on an infrared electrical inspection there is a $4 return on investment for material and labor to fix the problem equipment before it fails.  However, depending on the problem(s) found the ratio could be closer to 1:20.

Price Electric Inc. can survey and implement the proper maintenance programs that can meet your requirements for detecting the sources of a problem or simply verify the integrity of an installation.  Our technicians are properly trained on the required equipment and procedures necessary to help achieve an accident free, efficient work environment.

Attention Residential Customers:

Did you know Price Electric Inc. can perform scans of your home to identify sources of heating/cooling loss? Call or email for more information.